Orchids & Hydrangeas Exhibition

In conjunction with Powell Gardens conservatory display of live orchids and hydrangeas, special guest curator botanical artist Cynthia Padilla, organized a related group show of art works inspired by the theme.

View now the online version of the exhibition:

Copyright in this online art exhibition belongs to the individual artists. No part of this virtual exhibition may be copied, stored, transmitted, or otherwise used or reproduced in any form.

Meet the Curator-Cynthia Padilla

Artist: Cynthia Padilla
Location: Dallas, TX. USA
Contact Info: padillapost2@gmail.com
Curator's Links:
Workshops & Exhibits Schedule: http://fruitflowerinsect.blogspot.com/
Botanical Arts Forum: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/botanicalart
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/padillacasa#!/padillacasa

With great pleasure I introduce this talented group of artists. As is typical with a 'brick and mortar' exhbition, there is a place here for your comments as you view the work of: Greg Allikas, Rita Bowen, Beth Brooks, Barbara Brown, Jill Campbell, Karen Harding, Janet Haefner, Hilary Hitchcock, Julie Jennings, Sandra Kay Johnson, Barbara Reser, Jennifer Schaudt, Karen Sistek, Merridee Joan Smith, Malinda Welte, Carol Wickenhiser Schaudt.

Greg Allikas

Artist: Greg Allikas
Title of Work: Catleya gaskelliana var. alba
Medium: photography, ultrachrome print
Dimensions: 11x14', 16x20" matte/frame

Purchase: 1/25 - $225 framed

Rita Bowen

Artist: Rita Bowen
Location: Orion, IL
Title of Artwork: "Red Hot Cinnamon Stick"
Media: Silk Painting
Frame Dimensions: 26" x 32"

Beth Brooks

Artist: Beth Brooks
Location: California
Title: Pansy Orchid
Medium: silk painting

Jill Campbell

a moment of rest
Originally uploaded by jacks_friend_jill.
Artist: Jill Campbell
Location: Pittsburg, Kansas
Title of Work: A Moment of Rest
Medium: Colored Pencil
Dimensions: 6" x 9" matted and framed into a 11" x 14" frame
About the Artist: Jill is a self-taught colored pencil artist. This is the first show that she has been involved in and is starting into her first art classes coming up at Powell Gardens sessions with Cynthia Padilla.

Flickr Album Jill Cambell's inclusion in the show is featured here: " Box of Colored Pencils Changed Nature Lover's Life" -by Andra Bryan Stefanoni,
The Morning Sun - June 13, 07: http://mapleleafartistry.blogspot.com/2007/06/everybody-dies-famous-in-small-town.html

Karen Kleider Harding

Artist: Karen Kleider Harding
Location: Lake Quivira, KS
Title of Work: Orchid Gift Wrapped
Medium: Oil & Acrylic on Linen
Dimensions: 26 x 20
About the Artist:
1979 Painted first mural for Elite Gymnastics
1990 The painting “Ladies of the Plaza” included in the Kansas City Museum Exhibition of winning artists from past Heritage Art shows
1991-1993 Eleven murals painted for the Black Eyed Pea Restaurants
2002 Two Paintings in Lake Quivira Clubhouse Dining Room
2004 Illustrated Bilingual Galapagos ABCs coloring book.
2005 Children’s Literature Festival Chautauqua in St. Peter, MN.
2006 Botanical notebook pages at Lillian M. Bradshaw Gallery in Dallas, TX
2007 Entry accepted for Orchids & Hydrangeas exhibit at Powell Gardens Conservatory. “Orchid Gift Wrapped” 24”x18”.

K. Kleider Harding studied at the Kansas City Art Institute with Stephen Whitacre and Stanly Lewis. Frank Szasz,Al Currier, Joanne Baker, and Cynthia Padilla instilled the idea that one learns to see through drawing.

She believes Life is adventure and painting is a privilege. Her work is represented in collections in Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas, Ecuador and Mexico.
Contact Info:

Janet Haefner

Artist: Janet Haefner
Location: Arizona
Title of Work:"Smiling Faces"
Purchase Info:
Artist Statement:

Hilary Hitchcock

Artist: Hilary Hitchcock
Location: St. Louis, MO. USA
Title of Work: Alert
Dimensions: 10"x8", 14"x11" framed
Purchase Info: $125
Description: black and white photograph of orchids
Artist Statement: see profile
Links: Hilary Hitchcock Photography

Julie Jennings

Artist: Julie Jennings
Location: Duluth,Georgia
Title of Work: Fall Hawaiian
Purchase Info:
Artist Statement:

Title of Work: Hawiian Garden
Purchase Info:

Title of Work: Orchids in the Breeze
Purchase Info:

Title of Work: Bobby
Purchase Info:

Sandra Kaye Johnson

Artist: Sandra Kaye Johnson
Location: California
Title of Work:
Purchase Info:
Artist Statement:

Jennifer Schaudt

Artist: Jennifer Schaudt
Location: Texas, USA
Title: Paph Napa Valley
Medium: graphite on paper

copyright 2006, Jennifer Schaudt

Karen Sistek

Artist: Karen Sistek
Location: Port Angeles, WA
Title of Artwork: Lucein
Description: Hand painted silk banners on 10 mm habotai silk, using dyes especially formulated for painting on silk. Works can be viewed from both sides. Original designs.
Links: http://www.karensistekstudio.com/

Merridee Joan Smith

Artist: Merridee Joan Smith
Location: California
Title of Work:"Brassovola"
Purchase Info:
Artist Statement:

Malinda Welte

Oncidium Orchid

Artist: Malinda Welte
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Title of Work: Oncidium Orchid
Medium: Watercolor
Dimensions: 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches, framed to 61/2 by 7 1/2 inches
About the Artist: This is Malinda's first show as a painter, having become known in Kansas City as a photographer and internationally as a mail artist.
Flickr Album

Barbara Brown

Artist: Barbara Brown, RN
Location: Boise, ID
Title of Work: Portrait of Cymbidium
Medium: Graphite
Dimension: 16 X 20
About the Author: Favorite medium to work with is graphite. Art work of this artist hang in private collections in California, Illinois, Utah, Texas, New York, Idaho, and Alabama. Botanical subjects are the artist's speciality.

Carol Wickenhiser-Schaudt

Artist: Carol Wickenhiser-Schaudt
Location: Katy, Texas
Link: www.schaudt.us/watercolors
Artist Statement: I work in traditional media: watercolors and graphite. I render both scientific botanical illustrations as well as botanically correct, contemporary pieces, which may be enlarged versions, executed from non-traditional angles to give the viewer new perspectives on the subject.

Paph. (Chamberlianianum “Mt. View’ x haymaldianum‘Long Life’)

©2004 by Carol L. Wickenhiser-Schaudt

Transparent watercolor
Size: 19 3/4"h x 24 5/8" w
57th International Orchid Art Show,
National Arboretum,
Washington, DC
October 2004
Collection of the Artist

Vanda Maxornsanan Bell x Ascoda. Tubtim Velvet

©2003 by Carol L. Wickenhiser-Schaudt

Transparent watercolor
Size: Framed: 15 1/4'' h x 18" w
55th International Orchid Art Show,
National Arboretum,
Washington, DC
October 2003

International Small painting exhibition
Galerie du Vieux Village
Boucherville, Quebec, CA
Collection of the Artist

Swearingen’s Vanda

©1997 by Carol L. Wickenhiser-Schaudt

Transparent watercolor
Size: 17 ½ " h x 22 5/8" w
International Orchid Art Show,
National Arboretum,
Washington, DC
October 1997

2nd Place Professional Division
42nd Eastern Orchid Congress
King of Prussia, PA

Collection of the Artist

Paphiopedilum “Blood Clot” x Paphiopedilum “Macabre”

©2005 by Carol L. Wickenhiser-Schaudt

Transparent watercolor on 140 CP Twinrocker feather-deckled paper
Size: 25" h x 20 ½" w
1st Place Professional Division
57th International Orchid Art Show,
National Arboretum,
Washington, DC
October 2005
Collection of the Artist

Exhibition: Powell Gardens

Powell Gardens is home to some of the region’s most unique contemporary architecture. These facilities, set among the serenity of the ever-changing gardens, provided the ideal locale for exhibition "Orchids & Hydrangeas."

Where: Powell Gardens, Kansas City, Missouri http://www.powellgardens.org/
Date: March - April, 2007.
Time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone: 816-697-2600
Garden Hours: 9 a.m.- 6 p.m.
Reception w/Artists: Join curator Padilla and a selection of the exhibiting artists in an art reception open to the public.

Thanks Angie Guynes who directed hanging and install of the show and all those in assistance. To Director of Education Eric Jackson whose vision brought me and the topic--botanical arts-- to the Powell Gardens community.

Exhibition Press

Kansas City Star | 03/08/2007 | Calendars for March 8 - 18
Kansas City Star | 03/08/2007 | Calendars for March 8 - 18
Exotic orchids, hydrangeas and authentic Victorian garden furnishings; include Orchid Allure: A Botanical Arts Exhibit...
Overland Park Convention & Visitors Bureau - Events Finder
Group Travel Tours Directory
Spring Inspires at Missouri's Gardens
Thousands of visitors return to Powell Gardens during the warming days to enjoy its 900 acres of flowering tranquility. Throughout the season, orchids and hydrangeas fill the Powell Conservatory in charming combination with Victorian garden furnishings. On April 19-21, artist and instructor Cynthia Padilla conducts a three-day workshop for aspiring and experienced nature artists.
ATCK Kansas City Homes & Garden KCH&G Calendar
Orchids & Hydrangeas: A Conservatory Exhibit
3/10/2007 - 5/6/2007
Exhibiting artist, Jill Cambell's inclusion in the show is featured here: " Box of Colored Pencils Changed Nature Lover's Life" -by Andra Bryan Stefanoni
THE MORNING SUN - June 13, 2007
: http://mapleleafartistry.blogspot.com/2007/06/everybody-dies-famous-in-small-town.html
VisitMO.com - The official tourism site for the state of Missouri
Orchids and Hydrangeas: A Conservatory Exhibit
Meet the artist during a reception, 4-6 p.m., April 19.
AAA Traveler Magazine

Amtrak Texas Eaglehttp://www.texaseagle.com/stations/LEE.htm

Powell Garden's Grounds & Gardens

Powell Gardens
N.W. Route 50
Kingsville, Missouri 64061
Ph: 816-697-2600
Hours: May-Sept, 9-6; Oct-Apr, 9-5.

Set on 915 acres of lush, rolling hills and meadows, Powell Gardens offers breathtaking display gardens, interesting architecture, a nature trail, plus a year-round calendar of special events and classes for the family. Garden features include the Island Garden, the Perennial Garden, the Rock and Waterfall Garden, the Wildflower Meadow, a chapel, and the ever changing Terrace Gardens and native plantings. The Fountain Garden centers on a 42-foot interactive water feature. Our visitor center includes an indoor conservatory, an indoor cafe and a gift shop.

The 12-acre Heartland Harvest Garden is one of the largest edible landscapes in the nation. It features more than 2,000 varieties of food-plants growing in spirals, Villandry-style quadrants, and heritage quilt designs. It is designed to answer the questions: Where does food come from? How does it grow? It includes tasting stations, an outdoor cafe, a gift shop and a four-story observation silo.

--photos Cynthia Padilla, Powell Garden 'Visiting Artist' Botanical Arts/Field Sketching workshops.

Botanical Arts Education

Powell Garden's mission of inspiring people to appreciate, beautify and conserve our natural environment, provides opportunities for learning and reflection through a year-round education programs which include 'Visiting Artist' Cynthia Padilla's enthusiastically evaluated botanical arts series.

Please inquire of Padilla's next scheduled visit across the United States Midwest!
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