Meet the Curator-Cynthia Padilla

Artist: Cynthia Padilla
Location: Dallas, TX. USA
Contact Info:
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Workshops & Exhibits Schedule:
Botanical Arts Forum:

With great pleasure I introduce this talented group of artists. As is typical with a 'brick and mortar' exhbition, there is a place here for your comments as you view the work of: Greg Allikas, Rita Bowen, Beth Brooks, Barbara Brown, Jill Campbell, Karen Harding, Janet Haefner, Hilary Hitchcock, Julie Jennings, Sandra Kay Johnson, Barbara Reser, Jennifer Schaudt, Karen Sistek, Merridee Joan Smith, Malinda Welte, Carol Wickenhiser Schaudt.

1 comment:

soumana datta said...

great show I must say. we need to have such workshops in India too? ANY idea if such workshops are held in asia as well? would love to attend one .

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